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Sheridan Pediatric Care

We See Infants to Teenagers

Just because a child is young does not mean they don’t have pain or health-related ailments. They may not be able to communicate it like an adult, but they are likely to experience injuries that can take a toll on their well-being. Injuries can occur during the birthing process as well as when they learn to sit up, stand, walk, run and play. The bumps and falls they take can add up to trouble if not properly addressed.

At Winkelmann Chiropractic & Injury, we love seeing our youngest patients get all the benefits of chiropractic care, starting early in life.

Making Chiropractic a Family Affair

We discovered Dr. Winkelmann when my husband injured his back while working on our house. He was able to provide emergency chiropractic care that day. We were so impressed by his kindness and the time he took to talk with us, as well as his at-home recommendations. We ended up bringing our children there as well. My 4-year-old son was terrified at first, but Dr. Winkelmann was so patient with him. He even encouraged that we bring a stuffed animal or something similar as a way to bolster my son’s courage. Now my son walks in and can’t wait to be adjusted.

We have experienced phenomenal chiropractic care at this clinic. Both Dr. Winkelmann and his wife are so nice, and show an interest in our family – both medically and personally. We have been telling all of our friends about Winkelmann Chiropractic & Injury and will continue to do so!

-Laura S.


What types of childhood conditions can you help?
Parents bring their children in to get help for an array of concerns. The most common are colic, sleeping problems, ear infections, bedwetting, digestive troubles and ADHD. Chiropractic care can not only help with these conditions, but we can also help with making sure that your children stay healthy and are less susceptible to these types of problems in the future. Like adults, a child’s nervous system function is central to their well-being and chiropractic adjustments help restore nervous system communication.

How do you adjust a child?
With young children, the adjustment takes about the same pressure you would use to indent a tomato. It is nothing like how we would adjust an adult. An infant or child’s spine is not fully developed, so only light pressure is necessary to adjust their spine. I am trained in how to correct a child’s misalignments, and I love adjusting children. They see great benefits because their bodies are growing and developing quickly.

How early should I bring my child in?
I recommend that you bring your baby in shortly after they are born. During the birthing process, the baby’s head, neck and spine are often tugged and twisted. This process can easily cause misalignments. I can check your baby to make sure their spine is properly aligned and the nervous system is functioning properly.

What if my child feels uncertain about getting adjusted?
We want your child to feel confident about seeing the chiropractor. I talk to each child about what we are doing and how they will feel. I use a very light touch, and it is fairly common that after one or two adjustments, parents tell us their child wants to come in all the time. Even infants start to laugh and smile while being adjusted after a couple of visits.

With infants or young children, Mom or Dad can lie on the adjusting table and have their child lie on them, making the adjustment process comfortable for both the child and the parent.

Do you see teenagers?
Yes! Teenagers are active and commonly have growing pains or athletic injuries. Teenagers see great benefits from chiropractic and wellness care. Teens and their parents often tell us that they are sleeping better and the don’t have the aches and pains that were bothering them.

In addition, student-athletes see the benefits of chiropractic care through increased range of motion, flexibility, overall performance and are less susceptible to injury.

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